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Champagne Wall Rental GTA & Toronto

Our champagne flower walls are a lux party classic which fits almost any type of event theme. Our bubbly walls are perfect for bridal shower, graduation, wedding, birthday party, baby shower,  a girls night and so much more. Use it as a bar or a seating chart alternative. It’s one of our most popular flower wall rentals. Rent your champagne wall with us today. We service Toronto, GTA, Hamilton and Niagara area.

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C H A M P A G N E   F L O W E R 


Product Name: Champagne-Flowerwall-Ash


  • Size : 7ft x 3.2ft

  • Material: Silk Florals

  • Flower colors: White OR white/green

  • Includes: Up to 50  glass champagne flutes AND neon sign

  • Option: Regular shelves instead of slotted shelves

  • $500


C H A M P A G N E   W A L L

Product Name: Champagne-Green-Victoria


  • Material: Hedge greenery wall

  • Size: 7ftx3.5ft

  • Choose from Light Green (default) or Dark Green hedge

  • Choose from Neon sign OR  small floral arramgement

  • Includes up to 50 glass champagne flutes 

  • $450


C H A M P A G N E   W A L L

Product Name: Champagne-Gloss-Valentina


  • Size : 8ft x 4ft, gloss finish

  • Colors: Pink 

  • Choose from Neon Sign OR small floral

  • Includes 45 glass champagne flutes

  • $450

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